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My first student and his run in the YAUSBC Match play

My first student and his run in the YAUSBC Match play

Jeremiah Mann, Alpha and Omega Bowling's first student at Hanover Bowling Center, finished 7th in the York/Adams USBC Match play. 77 of the best of the best in York and Adams county started the tournament. The first two days he averaged 239 for 12 games, which put him tenth. This allowed him to bowl in match play. 

On the second weekend, Jeremiah sat 5th, with a perfect 300 in his fourth game. On Sunday, equipment problem and pin carry caught up with his run in the match play. He finished 7th, with a total average, over 28 games, of 243.

We at Alpha and Omega Bowling and Dave Kurtz Coaching are very proud of Jeremiah's constant love of bowling and his constant pursuit of excellence in his bowling game.

God is great and He always is looking over the company and my students.

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